Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Secret Message Cards

These secret message cards are so easy to make and so much fun to watch the recipient figure out.
Try these quickie directions and see if you can make one.
Start with a half of a piece of cardstock cut long ways, 4 1/4" by 11".
Fold in half to make a standard card and then fold each end in on itself. You need to end up with a mountain fold in the middle and two valley folds on either end.

Take the mountain fold and cut to the fold line in the middle and then evenly on each side.

Two pieces of card stock go into these cuts like you are weaving in and out and then the opposite on the other side. Stamp these two pieces while in position.

Stamp and embellish the front but only glue the top focal piece onto the left hand side. When you are opening the card to get to the secret message you fold the middle and it will split allowing you to find the secret message, so cute and very addictive to make. I first saw this idea on Dawn Griffith's blog.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I haven't made one of these cards in forever. I love it and really need to teach that one to my class.

    So glad you shared.

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