Friday, September 9, 2011

Freaky Friday

Still in the Halloween mood, I must be feeling very spooky this year. In a box of loose ends from my MIL's apartment clean out I found this lone glass. I remembered reading about stampin' on tissue paper and using Mod Podge to seal it to glass so I gave it a go.

I took a sheet of tissue paper that was leftover from between the SU! Window Sheets and stamped the skeleton from Piece of Poison. I intended to stamp random images but anyone who knows me well knows I CAN NOT do random. I tried, really I did, but I CAN NOT do random. Anyways, after I stamped I crumpled up the tissue paper into a ball and then carefully flatten it back out. Next I covered the glass, and parts of my arm, with Mod Podge and carefully covered it with the tissue paper. I set it aside to dry and trimmed the top edge carefully after it had totally dried. I then recoated it with Mod Podge and after that had dried finished it up with a coat of Clear Spray Sealer. It looks really cool close up and I really like the results. I know by now that you need the Piece of Poison set so call or email me today to order yours.

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