Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MDS 2 available for a free 30 day trial

Stampin' Up! just released MDS 2 and is offering a free 30 day trial.  Click on the right hand side and go to my online store and enter the number 130910.  Play for free for 30 days!

Mds 2 Free Trial130910
Regular Price$0.00
Preferred Price$0.00
Express yourself and impress your friends when you create projects using MDS 2, My Digital Studio’s digital design software.

With the FREE 30-day trial, you’ll get:
* Full access to the software at NO COST for 30 days
* Full access to design tools to create cards, photobooks, calendars, and more
* Full access to a sample of exclusive artwork from MDS 2+
* The chance to buy additional downloads that you can keep after your trial expires
* Ability to order your projects from our professional print services

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