Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look what I got !!!!

Some of my preorder things came today and I could not wait to rip open that box!  Best thing about being a demo, you get the good stuff before anyone else!  First thing I had to do was play with the new clay and molds.  I can't show the molds to you but I can show you what I made with them.

Couple of tips, they are very light and blow away outside and land face side down in the dirt and if they aren't totally dry they pick up little flecks of your dirty porch on them too.  Tip two, clear your work area so it is free of all dog and cat hair, just sayin'.

And without further ado, lookie!!!!
Buttons and flowers that you make and then you can color anyway you want!   I will be making millions of these, can you imagine what an adorable button bracelet these could make?
Looks cruddy on my computer screen but that cardstock could be a new color ! Crisp Cantaloupe. 

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