Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

You know you want them…
Thin Mints–Little Brownie’s extra thin, extra minty Thin Mints are covered in a luscious chocolaty coating and made with real, natural oil of peppermint, not artificial flavoring, to create the nation’s number one best-selling Girl Scout cookie. 

Samoas–The original Samoas are of such high quality they sometimes outsell even Thin Mints in some councils. Little Brownie makes and mixes their own homemade caramel in copper kettles and uses sweet, crunchy toasted coconut. Bottom covered and striped in dark chocolaty coating, Samoas are truly America’s most deliciously different cookie! 


–Tagalongs are made with a special blend of rich, creamy peanut butter completely covered in rich milk-chocolaty coating for a creative combination of America’s two most popular flavors. It’s no wonder Tagalongs never last long in many households. 


–Do-si-dos are oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookies with a natural blend of wholesome ingredients. Little Brownie uses baby rolled oats, never flaked oats. Many customers fondly call Do-si-dos the “Official Breakfast Cookie.” 

–Little Brownie’s Trefoil cookies have a rich, buttery flavor and a classic shortbread aroma that delights Girl Scout cookie fans of all ages. 

Savannah Smiles – This lemon wedge cookie is cool and crisp, with just the right number of lemon chips to deliver tiny bursts of flavor. And, when you hold it right, you’ll quickly be reminded of that world-famous “Brownie Smile.”

Did you know that our cookies have?
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats
  • No hydrogenated oils in five varieties
  • 100 percent real cocoa
  • Nutritious whole grain oats 
  • Two nut-free varieties: Trefoils and Thin Mints contain no peanuts or tree nuts. 

The girls are pushing really hard to earn enough money during this cookie sale so we can go to Savannah, GA, the Birthplace of Girl Scouts.  Won't you please order a couple of boxes for yourself or for the troops or consider just donating money to the girls.  You will never meet a better group of girls.

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