Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Burlap Wreath Class

We had a new and fun creative experience at my house making the Burlap Wreath from the Occasions Catalog the other night. We all watched the video and then jumped right into creating.  Usually I give a detailed demo and then we all pretty much copy my creation but not on this night.  I have never heard so much laughing out of this group before.  Most of the laughs were from mistakes made and fixed and really isn't that what creating is all about?  I only took photos of 2 finished wreaths and I love them both.

     Everyone is busy trying to figure out the directions and not cause blisters with the hot glue!
                                                                   Cathy's wreath
                                                                      Felis' Wreath


  1. Wish I lived closer.. that was a class I would have attended! Off to view the video!

    1. Give it a try Cary. It was a very enjoyable evening.