Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reason to Smile in the dark

Yesterday thunderstorms blew thru and knocked out our power just as I was working on this card.  I wanted to make another card with a piece I had leftover from a previous card that everyone loved.  I grabbed my trusty lantern to finish working on the card and the batteries had corroded.  So being the Pioneer kind of girl I am I got out the vinegar and cleaned off the battery terminals.  Did the last little bit with my Stampin' Sanding Block!   Then I heard a plop, plop, plop.  Yep, Captain, we were taking on water.  We need to recaulk the roof line where it meets up with the logs and water was coming in right and left.  Off to go find the old towels.  Finally I got back to the card which I finished up with a flashlight and the lantern.  What fun.

This card uses the Naturals Composition DSP which is so gorgeous, can you see the embossing on the first layer?  The DSP comes that way.  Today we are having storms already and more to come this afternoon but I promise, neither rain nor hail, nor dead of night will keep me from showing you my last card made with a Reason To Smile Stamp Set tomorrow.

You can order this stamp set for only $5 with a $50 order so contact me today.  Order from me and you can take home one of these cards I have been showing too!

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  1. these are all so cool! You have reall ROCKED this set - sure got your $5 worth! (I counted 14)